Palm Tree Care Instructions:

Box Trees

Latin Name:
Buxus Sempervirens
Slow-growing shrub, compact in habit, with small oval or oblong leaves with an unusual sweet smell
Maybe attacked by aphids, leaf-mining moths, thrips and red spider mite
Powdery mildews and leaf spot may be a problem Susceptible to leaf spot. Box blight can infect leaves causing spots that lead to rapid defoliation, which can quickly move into soft stem tissue killing new growth. Over a few weeks black streaks will appear on the bark and a grayish fungus may appear on remaining leaves. Within months the infected plant will die. Any diseases branches should be pruned immediately to avoid infecting the whole plant. Removed branches should be binned or burned. Affected trees should be isolated for recovery
Little pruning required. Box prefers clipping and new growth can be trimmed throughout the growing season June to late August. Retaining plants shape. Clip lightly in the first year to allow establishment
Acid, alkaline or neutral. Moist but well drained. Chalk, loam or sandy
Sun or partial shade. Excessive summer sun can scorch leaves, although plants will recover. Exposed or sheltered, though plants can suffer from wind-burn on exposed sites
Height: Ultimate height: 8m takes 20-50 years to reach ultimate height
Occurs on previous or current years growth. All part of plant can cause discomfort if ingested
Slow release fertilizer in spring with occasional liquid feeds

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